Urgent Campaign Update

Bob Good and Chairman Adams’ Attempt to Invalidate Convention Delegates


I hope your family is safe during this time. I’m sorry to bother you on Easter Sunday, but this is important.

This morning, I was alerted to an attempt to invalidate the Convention Delegates by Bob Good in coordination with the Chairman of the 5th District Republican Committee Melvin Adams. They are trying to take away your right to a vote and instead hold a closed-door meeting of the 5th District committee to determine our party’s nominee.

Throughout this process, I have advocated for openness and transparency.

Bob Good and Melvin Adams think Congressional seats are won by making corrupt, backroom deals.

You deserve the opportunity to VOTE.

I am saddened to see Chairman Adams and Bob Good use the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic to play politics and subvert the will of the people.

We must find a way to safely hold our nominating process while allowing as many people to vote as possible. Good and Adams seek to undermine our convention delegates and deny a vote to Republicans across the 5th District. This is unacceptable and against what we stand for as Republicans.

I will continue to fight against the Republican establishment here in Virginia and promote our conservative values in Congress. Have a safe and prosperous rest of your week.


Denver Riggleman