Riggleman Talks Border Control, Trump Impeachment During Telephone Town Hall

In his first-ever telephone town hall, 5th District Congressman Denver Riggleman discussed border control and the possibility of an impeachment of President Trump.

Wednesday, June 19th 2019, 8:17 AM EDT

WASHINGTON, DC (WVIR) – Freshman Virginia 5th District Congressman Denver Riggleman held a town hall on Tuesday to talk about issues ranging from border control to President Trump.

In his first-ever telephone town hall, Riggleman gave people a chance to phone in with questions or ask them online.

One of the issues discussed included the expansion of broadband internet in rural area. He’s connecting with Comcast and Microsoft to increase access.

Constituents also asked about border control. Riggleman says better communication is needed at U.S. borders and that a lack of strong borders is increasing crime and drug trafficking in the 5th District.

As for President Trump and impeachment, he asks people to let it go.

“With what happened during this investigation, what happened with collusion…I don’t think impeachment is going to happen,” Riggleman said. “I do not think his intent was to obstruct justice. I do think there are things we need to look at but at this point, I don’t think impeachment is on the table and I think we need to move on with the work that America wants to do.”

Riggleman added that we need to be focusing on other things like finding bipartisan agreement. He also hosted office hours in Appomattox, Bedford, Nelson, Cumberland, and Campbell counties, although he was not in attendance.