Leslie Cockburn is a DC elite, does not live in Rappahannock

Cockburn Named to an Elite DC social list

Leslie Cockburn and her husband Andrew were named to Washington Life Magazine’s Elite DC social list. Billed as the 23rd Annual Record of Notably Social Individuals from Politics, Diplomacy, Business, Philanthropy, and the Arts, the list is a compilation of elite persons in the social circles within the Washington DC area. While this list would seem to signify Leslie and Andrew Cockburn were Georgetown elites, Leslie Cockburn continues to insist that she lives on a rural farm in Rappahannock County, Virginia.

“Leslie Cockburn continues to fabricate this story that she is a Rappahannock farmer, even while her Georgetown neighbors place her on the biggest Washington DC elite social list.” said Denver Riggleman’s Campaign Manager, Joe Chelak. “She has proudly claimed to be part of the “Elite” and Washington DC Socialites and inside the beltway types agree. 5th district voters do not want to be represented by a DC Socialite and will see through her pandering and dishonesty on Election Day.”