Leslie Cockburn Doubles Down with False Military Service Attack

In Monday night’s 5th District debate, Leslie Cockburn attacked Denver Riggleman’s military service and criticized his participation in America’s 9/11 response. Denver planned the first bombing runs on Afghanistan after 9/11 that attacked the Taliban.

Leslie Cockburn, continuing a pattern of dishonestly attacking Riggleman, an Air Force veteran, said that “Denver was not in Afghanistan.” Furthermore, Cockburn said that Riggleman’s work was unsuccessful in pushing back Taliban forces.

But according to The Washington Post, “Gen. David Deptula, whom Mrs. Cockburn cited at the debate, disagreed:

“[Deptula] objected strongly to Cockburn’s claim, which she said was based on unspecified writings by O’Hanlon, that the initial air raids were unsuccessful.”
“‘That’s nonsense, absolute nonsense,’ he said. ‘People should be very, very careful when they make statements like that. They don’t know the particulars of the individual mission sets. Some of the initial stages were to cut the runways to prevent any Taliban fighter aircraft from taking off. Those missions were extraordinarily successful.’”

On Wednesday morning, after General Deptula’s comments, Leslie Cockburn doubled down on her false claims via her personal twitter.

“Leslie Cockburn is running a campaign on her career as an investigative journalist, but can’t seem to conduct a simple fact check.” Said Riggleman Campaign Manager Joe Chelak. “By now, voters are used to her doubling down on false information, but attacking Denver’s military service is a new low.”

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