Journalist Leslie Cockburn Forgets to Fact Check, Releases Dishonest Attack Ad

Leslie Cockburn’s new television ad is a dishonest portrayal of Denver Riggleman’s positions on healthcare. Her latest ad accuses Denver of wanting to take away healthcare coverage from people with pre-existing conditions and “scrap Medicare”.

Denver Riggleman has always supported providing healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Leslie Cockburn was sitting right next to him on the debate stage when he said it at the UVa Debate. And when he said it at the Madison Forum.

RIGGLEMAN: “I absolutely think that we have to have minimum standards for health care, I do, especially pre-existing conditions. Here’s another thing, too: I absolutely believe that we need to cover our children up to 26 years as we have right now.”

For an investigative journalist, Leslie Cockburn and her campaign sure do write a lot of fiction. Her over-the-top commercials are the act of a flailing campaign that 5th district voters will reject- a campaign reduced to a deceptive portrayal of Denver’s positions on healthcare.” said Riggleman Campaign Manager Joe Chelak, “Denver Riggleman has been on the record saying that he is for protecting coverage for people with preexisting conditions. Multiple times. It’s clear that Hollywood Leslie is more concerned about creating fake stories to fit her liberal narrative, than telling the truth to VA05 voters.”

Watch the video for yourself:

Cockburn’s Ad

Riggleman in the debate