Denver Riggleman Campaign Releases New Television Ad on Healthcare

Nellysford, VA – Denver Riggleman released a new television ad Wednesday morning hitting Leslie Cockburn for her support for Medicare-for-all. The ad, which will air on broadcast television networks in both the Charlottesville and Lynchburg media markets, contrasts Leslie’s support for pie-in-the-sky government programs with Denver’s responsible stance on healthcare.

“Medicare-for-all would cost $32 trillion and could double taxes on hardworking Virginians,” said Riggleman Campaign Manager Joe Chelak. “Leslie Cockburn wants the government to take over health care and wants Virginia voters to foot the bill. Denver will work towards a bi-partisan solution to our healthcare crisis that lowers health care costs and provides broad access.”

Citing an independent study conducted by George Mason’s Mercatus Center, the ad points out Medicare-for-all’s exponential cost of $32.6 trillion over 10 years. Leslie Cockburn said at the UVA Debate that Medicare-for-all was a “great idea” and has repeatedly said that it is a policy goal of hers should she be elected. Such a plan would end private health coverage, even if patients like their coverage. Denver Riggleman is not beholden to partisan talking points and will find a bi-partisan consensus to our healthcare crisis.

Denver Riggleman is the Republican nominee for Congress in the 5th District of Virginia. He served our country in the Air Force and his team planned the first bombing runs in Afghanistan after 9/11. Denver is also a successful small business owner in Nelson County.

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