Congressman Riggleman Blasts Bob Good’s Campaign for Voter Intimidation Tactics

AFTON, VA – Over the weekend, Bob Good’s campaign released a lawsuit that threatened committee members to vote a certain way in the 5th District Committee meeting on Sunday night. Good’s Campaign lawsuit was dropped three hours before the committee vote and threatened to fine committee members with over $50,000 in penalties if they didn’t vote his way during the meeting.

Additionally, Good’s lawsuit targeted and called out 10 members of the 5th District Committee, a tactic used to suppress, threaten, and ultimately intimidate committee voters. Bob Good’s targeting of committee members before a vote is a new low in Virginia politics.

On Wednesday morning, Congressman Denver Riggleman blasted the Bob Good campaign for using voter intimidation tactics:

“As a Republican Party we will always have internal disagreements, and we trust our duly elected party representatives to work out those differences,” stated Congressman Riggleman.

“During my military career as an Air Force Intelligence officer, I saw voter intimidation tactics used in places I was deployed. I never thought I would see these tactics used at home — that’s why I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by Bob Good’s campaign lawsuit targeting individual voters.

“Good’s campaign lawsuit is voter intimidation and voter suppression in its worst form. Bob Good’s campaign’s decision to sue individual committee members over a vote shows a lack of judgment and discernment that disqualifies him for any type of public office,” said Congressman Riggleman. “I will continue to fight against these tactics, and will continue to fight for transparency and integrity in our election systems.”

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