Bob Good Flip Flops on Pay for Play

I hope you and your family are staying safe during this challenging time. It is during times like this that we need to know our leaders are acting in ethical and transparent ways. That is why the hypocrisy coming from my opponent’s campaign is so infuriating. Pay—to-play policies, voter intimidation, and out-right corruption have been the hallmarks of the Bob Good campaign. As a candidate for Congress, I promised to act to a high ethical standard, serve the district in a transparent way, and speak honestly to my constituents, even if we sometimes disagree. I am not a politician and I will continue to do what’s right, not what politically expedient.

This is why it’s important to highlight Bob Good’s 180-degree flip flop on pay-to-play politics. Like a typical politician, Bob Good changes his positions and talking points depending on what room he is in and what office he is running for. Instead of sending you a screaming email, I figured that I would provide the facts and let you decide.

As supervisor, Bob Good thought that pay-to-play was unethical and corrupt. As a candidate for Congress, Bob Good has embraced pay-to-play and has said that it is ok to pay employees who have conflicts of interest. That’s the sort of thing a typical corrupt politician would do.

This is when Bob Good thought conflicts of interest and pay-to-play was bad:

“If he were to be elected, he ought to recuse himself from all budget and school funding discussions because he’s a principal of a high school where he will be deciding whether or not that school got more funding, whether or not he got a raise, and frankly, when he has the boss that he reports to, the school superintendent, advocating for higher taxes, how can that candidate be able to vote in an objective and fair manner and represent all of the citizens of Campbell County when he would be beholden to that interest?” Good said

Article Here.

Now that he is running for Congress, he thinks pay-to-play is ok. Here he is on a local radio show, explaining that there is nothing wrong with people with conflicts of interest working on his campaign:

“Uh, there’s nothing wrong with, uh people on the district committee supporting or working for candidates, all it has to do is to be disclosed, that’s within the district committee rules, uh we do have a couple of folks on the district committee that’s been disclosed to the district committee who are working for my campaign. Nothing wrong with that.” Rob Schilling Show, 4/20/2020

What’s changed, Bob? Why the sudden flip on ethics? It’s clear that Bob is more concerned about getting elected and gaining power than sticking to his principles. When politicians like Bob Good try to gain power, they will do anything they can to win, even if it’s immoral and unethical. That’s why I’m asking you to help me put a stop to his corruption.

Christine and I are always humbled by the opportunity you have given us to serve you and we appreciate your ongoing support.

Your friend – Denver